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Putt Like A Pro

Control your aim & pace with the #1 target practice tool for putting.

"The Epitome of Target Practice" - Rob Sauerhaft

What Is The NeuraPutt?

  • How It Works

    NeuraPutt is a Putting Practice Tool that trains the user to control the force and aim in their putting stroke. It challenges the user to hit a target while methodically decreasing the room for error. This adaptive learning promotes a precise muscle memory and mental awareness of the target.

  • align The Neuraputt Over the Cup

    The setup for the NeuraPutt is extremely simple. First, align the NeuraPutt over the cup, and push lightly into the green securing it in place.

  • Add Bumpers For Difficulty

    Once the NeuraPutt is setup over the cup, add one of our three bumpers for added difficulty. Each bumper is progressively larger in size which will increase the accuracy required to putt through the target. Pick a target 16 inches behind the cup, and get to work!

Improves Both Putting Pace & Aim

When practicing, hit the backstop BEHIND the cup to increase your natural ability to gauge distance. Putt with confidence and finesse after a quick pre-round warmup.

What You'll Receive

With Every NeuraPutt Order, You Will Receive:

  1. Indoor/Outdoor Backstop
  2. Detachable White Target
  3. Three (3) Rubber Bumpers Sets (Beginner, Intermediate, Pro)
  4. Resistance Bands (2 Small, 1 Large)
  5. Ball Markers
  6. Putting Game & Scorecard
  7. Drawstring Carrying Bag

Everything needed to improve on the green!

  • Step 1: Putt

  • Step 2: Assess

  • Step 3: Adjust